Sound Of Raaz Piano Notes | Raaz Reboot Full

Sound of Raaz Piano Notes from Raaz Reboot: Here comes the theme song of Raaz 3 starring Emraan Hashmi & Kriti Kharbanda. The song is sung by Jubin Nautiyal and composed by Jeet Gannguli while lyrics are penned by Rashmi Virag.

Song: Sound Of Raaz
Movie : Raaz Reboot
Singer : Jubin Nautiyal,
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Scale or key used: CDEFGABG#
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Sound Of Raaz | Raaz Reboot Piano Notes 

Raaz ankhein teri
E F E C+ B A B A G

Sab bayaan kar rahi
D E D B  A G A G F

Sun raha dil teri khamoshiyan
C D C A A B A  G# E D D F E

Kuch kaho na suno
E F E C+ B A B A G

Paas mere raho
D E D B+  A G A G F

Ishq ki kaisi hai ye gehraiyan
C D C +A A B A B A G#  E D D F E

Saaya bhi jism se
E+ D+ D+ D+ E+ D+ B A B A G

Hota hai kya juda
D+ C+ C+ B A A C+ B C+

Jitni bhi zor ki ho aandhiyan
E+ D+ D+ D+ E+ D+ B A B A G A AA B A G#

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